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GROM LED Blinkers / Markers - Smoked

GROM LED Blinkers / Markers - Smoked

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LED Relay
ELFR-1QD LED Blinker Relay [+$20.00]
Looking for the BEST flush-mounted Blinker / Side Marker for your Honda Grom that you can get? Avoid the CHEAP parts you'll find on eBay and other places, and get a light that will LAST!
These lights are as legit as they get! They even come with OEM-Style plugs, ready to wire in and go... the install is SIMPLE... just line up the wires in the plug, and push the pins in... then plug the assembly into your stock light plugs... no splicing, cutting, soldering, or using CRAP butt-connectors from the parts store! 

They aren't cheap, but they are worth every penny! 

ATTENTION: The markers come with a threaded on plastic flange nut... this is WAY too large to fit in the small area provided by Honda. The lights come with some VERY strong double-side foam mounting tape. This is how i had mine mounted to my own bike, with just the tape... But, if you want it even more secure, just get some sharp/strong snips, and cut the large diameter flange off the base of the plastic nut, and it'll have enough room to reach down into the Grom 'boomerang'. 

***Like any LED blinker added to the bikes system, and LED Relay will be required to allow the lights to flash properly! 

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