GY6 CVT Cover Spacer - Concave Contour

GY6 CVT Cover Spacer - Concave Contour

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Do you have a ComposiMo (or any similar) GY6 CVT Cover on your GY6 engine? Check out these new CVT Spacers! Everyone uses the same boring straight aluminum spacers (including us for a while)... But NOW we are making our spacers in-house, and able to make them what we truly want them to look like! 

These spacers throw out the old basic straight spacer look, and put in a very stylish concave contour into the spacer to make them stand out more, and have a very custom look to them! 

***PRICED INDIVIDUALLY! This is for the spacers to replace the 10-bolt CVT Covers... Does not include bolts, you MUST add as an option!
If you have a 4- bolt cover, choose quantity 4... 10-bolt cover, choose quantity 10, etc...

If you are only replacing ONE spacer with a bolt, please let us know WHICH spacer is getting replaced in the "Notes" section during checkout, so we can provide the correct bolt! They are not all the same length! 

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