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Kawasaki Z125 Pro Ohlins Rear Damper (KA 610)

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Ohlins Rear Damper (KA 610)

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Light Spring (Rider weight under 185lbs with Gear/Luggage)
Heavy Spring (Rider weight over 185lbs with Gear/Luggage)
Do you have a new Kawasaki Z125 Pro?? You need this Ohlins Damper! 

This damper is being offered by Ohlins USA, and will give you the BEST basis for a high performance suspension! This is a very advanced shock! It offers Compression and Rebound dampening adjustments, alternate spring rates (Comes with BOTH the 'Heavy' spring, and a lighter spring that can be swapped out). 

Off the shelf, it is one of the BEST rear shocks that you can buy for your Z125 Pro!

SPECIAL DEAL for ComposiMo customers! Get a FREE USB Flash Drive from OHLINS with your Rear Shock order!!!

Don't order a cheap (possibly boot-leg or copy-cat) rear shock from halfway around the world when you can buy local, and have it be USA Service-able right here in NC! Never have to buy another rear shock for your Z125 Pro! ;) 

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