Ruckus RRGS 'Low Down' Front Fork Lowering Kit

Ruckus RRGS 'Low Down' Front Fork Lowering Kit

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Want to get more low out of your RRGS 'Low Down' front forks? With the low profile tires for the 12" wheels that are available, or if you're running a 10" wheel setup, then you probably have WAY too much gap between your tire and your triple tree! Fix it the quick, easy, effective way! 

This kit will lower your forks 1.25"! (Must be using low-profile front tire on 12" wheel, or lower than stock profile on a 10" wheel! Using normal stock-size tires will result in the tire hitting the Triple Tree!!)

Combine this with one of our Headlight Lowering Bracket kits, and you'll have a low, mean, aggressive stance that you'll LOVE!

For information on how to install this kit, check out this Installation Tutorial on!

***Total Ruckus is down, so click on the following link.. so far it seems to be working:

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