Brembo P32 Brake Caliper GOLD
Brembo P32 Brake Caliper GOLD

Brembo P32 Brake Caliper GOLD

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NOT ALL "P32" or "P34" Calipers are the same!
For wheel clearance, you need the versions that have the banjo bolt and the bleeder coming out of the side like these have! This version costs a bit more, but you won't have clearance issues with your wheels! Also, you can install the Banjo Bolt or Bleeder in either hole, so that you can always have the Bleeder on top for proper brake bleeding! 

From one of the best names in braking performance, authentic BREMBO! Use the ComposiMo front and rear adapter brackets to mount up awesome brake performance to your Grom with these Brembo Dual Piston Calipers!

***Requires the use of an adapter bracket to bolt onto the forks and swingarm. This item includes ONE Caliper only! 
The difference between a P32 and a P34 is the piston size... we recommend and use the P32, because with the larger P34 piston, you will have a bit more of a squishy feel in the brake lever, because the piston is 2mm larger in diameter, therefore it takes more fluid movement to move the piston than the smaller piston does. This can give a feeling of squishy brakes that feel like they still need to be bled. The smaller P32 piston has a much tighter feel when pulling the lever.

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