ComposiMo TearDrop Short Shift Knob - Black Delrin

ComposiMo TearDrop Short Shift Knob - Black Delrin

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Introducing the TearDrop Short Shift Knob by ComposiMo!

Fits Honda 10x1.5mm Thread Manual Shifters

This knob is uniquely designed to be much smaller than typical shift knobs for a better fit with your fingers. This can help to provide greater 'flick-ability' between gears, and an easy grab while wearing gloves. Its not so huge that you feel like you're grabbing a baseball just to shift. This knob is CNC Machined out of black Delrin plastic, and includes a Stainless Steel Locking/Retaining Nut. This knob is very lightweight and small... designed to fit nicely between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. 

Measures only 1.915" Tall, and only 1.445" Diameter! 

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