DID NZ Series Professional Chain - BLACK

DID NZ Series Professional Chain - BLACK

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D.I.D is the number one motorcycle chain in the world. D.I.D chains are used by factory races teams from all manufacturers in race series everywhere.

Pinning your bike out of every turn might tear apart the stock chain, but D.I.D and their 420NZ3 chain will not let you down.

  • Solid rollers.
  • Shot-peened parts.
  • High cylindrical and roundness accuracy.
  • Exacting tolerances provide low friction.
  • SDH pin treatment - hard chromium-carbide layer formed on pin surface for exceptional strength and wear resistance.
  • Pre-stretched.
  • Special alloy steel with extended riveted bushing "anti-kink" design.
  • Highest quality non-O-ring chain in overall combined performance.
  • Up to 19% higher tensile strength; average tensile strength of 4,780 pounds.
  • Includes a clip-style master link.

Note: Non-sealed chains require more regular maintenance than sealed (O-ring, X-ring) versions and are mainly recommended for off-road use.

D.I.D's exclusive SDH pin treatment is featured on all NZ Series chains. This hi-tech pin treatment forms an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pins surface while maintaining a soft inner core. SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption. SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption. This treatment creates a chain with superior wear resistance against invasion of hard foreign materials.

This chain is 132 links, and will need to be shortened using the Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool, that is also available for purchase. The stretch is adjustable in length, so you will need to shorten the chain to fit whichever length stretch you chose. 

CLICK HERE for the stretch installation instructions... It also shows how to shorten the chain for use.

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