EK Chain O-Ring 420 Chain - STEEL/BLACK

EK Chain O-Ring 420 Chain - STEEL/BLACK

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Looking for a no-compromise, very low maintenance chain? Check out the EK Chains O-Ring chain! 

ATTENTION: O-Ring chains DO produce more drag than a regular linked chain. This extra drag can equal slightly slower acceleration, etc. The trade-off is much much less maintenance! 

For Dirt, ATV and Street applications

  • High quality O-ring chain seals in lube and keeps water and mud out
  • Solid rollers and entended anti-kink bushings increase chain longevity
  • Japanese made chain with quad staked riveting of pins into side plates

This chain is 132 links, and will need to be shortened using the Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool, that is also available for purchase. The stretch is adjustable in length, so you will need to shorten the chain to fit whichever length stretch you chose. 

CLICK HERE for the stretch installation instructions... It also shows how to shorten the chain for use.

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