GROM 4.5-inch Billet Rear Lowering Link
*Standard Raw/Machined Finish Shown

GROM 4.5-inch Billet Rear Lowering Link

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Looking to lower the rear of your Honda GROM after you've added a stretch to the stock swingarm?

Kit requires no drilling, and can be installed with the bike on the ground with the bike properly supported (because you have to remove the rear shock). 
This kit DOES require the use of a slip-in stretch on the stock swingarm... this will not fit aftermarket swingarms!

The stock rear 'hugger' fender can still be used, but will require trimming to fit!

This kit does lower the bike a decent amount, so consequently you may have clearance issues with aftermarket shocks that have external reservoirs on them. You WILL also likely have to shorten/modify the kick stand (Billet Aluminum Lowered Kickstands are also available!)

When you lower a motorcycle, it does look better, but there are compromises! Don't expect the bike to lean the same in the turns like it did when it was stock!

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