GROM Stainless Steel 'SwingStand' Kickstand Mount
GROM Stainless Steel 'SwingStand' Kickstand Mount

GROM Stainless Steel 'SwingStand' Kickstand Mount

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Billet Aluminum Kickstand Arm
Yes, i would like the Billet Kickstand Arm! (***This Kickstand mount will still work with your stock side stand arm if you do not want this option!) [+$40.00]
Lowered your GROM? Looking for more ground clearance for your trail-riding adventures? Just want more shiny stuff on your bike? Then you NEED this CNC Machined Stainless Steel and Aluminum Kickstand mount!

The SwingStand backing plate is machined from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, and the outer plate (where the kick stand mounts) is CNC machined from Stainless Steel, not just Laser or WaterJet cut!... The setup is designed to cleanly bolt onto your Honda Grom swingarm, and allow you to cut off the stock kickstand mount from the underside of the frame for improved ground clearance! This can be important whether you are lowered or riding on the trails... either way, the stock kick stand mount hangs low, and its gotta GO! :)

This mount is easy to bolt on, and even allows you to RETAIN THE FACTORY KICKSTAND SWITCH! All you have to do is undo some clips, and re-route the wires out from behind the sprocket cover, and it'll bolt right up just like it does on the stock stand! Excellent!!!

Works with and without a stretch, and also is functional with either the stock ride height, 2" drop, and even the ultra-low 6" drop! ... ALL WITHOUT CHOPPING YOUR STOCK STAND!

There is also an option to purchase a trick Billet Aluminum Kickstand leg for even more cool!

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