GY6 Angled Clocking Flange
*30mm Bore Option Shown

GY6 Angled Clocking Flange

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Part Number:CMO_2_0100
  • Machined O-Ring Groove
  • CNC Machined 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Includes Stainless Steel Hardware, O-Ring, and Machined Aluminum Stud Spacers
Running a forward facing carb, and having problems with how high the carburator sits? Some carbs have a problem when angled too high in the front, and this can cause the engine to not run right, and have problems feeding fuel properly!

Before (Without Flange):

After (With Flange):

This flange also turns the carb in more to the center of the bike so that when running a fat tire setup, the carb doesn't hit the frame, and when running a normal wheel, having the carb centered gives the bike a much nicer look... It also more importantly angles the carb down a bit so that the fuel can sit more level in the bowl, and you can have a much better running motor!

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