GY6 Billet Aluminum Open CVT Drive Cover
GY6 Billet Aluminum Open CVT Drive Cover

GY6 Billet Aluminum Open CVT Drive Cover

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ComposiMo GY6 Open CVT Cover!
NEW 10-Bolt 'Cafe Style'

The ALL NEW Version is here!!! Still 100% in Billet Aluminum! The backing plate is 1/4" thick CNC Machined 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum! This awesome product lets you ditch that UGLY stock CVT cover, and open up the pulleys and belt for the world to see, just like a chopper! This truly makes one of the biggest visual statements you'll ever have for your scooter!

The CVT Cover includes a 1/4" THICK Billet Aluminum 'backing plate' to help cover up the ugly insides of the stock swingarm, a 1/4" Thick Billet machined decorative front plate, and special aluminum standoffs that hold the decorative plate out from the swingarm for a much more BEEFY look! The hardware included is all STAINLESS STEEL!

The plates come RAW machined aluminum, ready for you to Powder Coat, Paint, Anodize, Polish or finish however you'd like!

This part exposes the belt drive of the CVT transmission and allows the pulleys to spin in the open air. Caution must be taken when using this product! This is intended for show purposes/off road use only, and should not be used on a public road or highway! You are responsible for any damage this product may cause to your person or any other objects/personal property. This product requires the removal of the stock kick start assembly! Be sure your electric starter is in good working order!

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