GY6 Flat Intake Manifold Clocking Flange
*30mm Bore Option Shown

GY6 Flat Intake Manifold Clocking Flange

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The Flat Clocking Flange now comes with multiple mounting holes threaded so that you can turn the carb right, left, etc... Many more mounting options! You can also mount the Angled Clocking Flange on top now, to turn the carb back to the center of the bike more than was previously possible!

Are you running a fatty, and have problems with the intake manifold hitting the frame?

Like This:

Or would you just like the forward-facing carb to sit more on-center in the bike to look better?

Like this:

Then you NEED this product!

The CNC cut aluminum clocking flange from ComposiMo Fabrication!

Install it on your GY6 motor by removing the studs, bolting down the flange, then threading your studs back into the clocking flange, and trim out the cooling shroud just a bit for carb clearance like this:

Then ride without worry!

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