GoCruise BILLET Adjustable Throttle Cruise Control

GoCruise BILLET Adjustable Throttle Cruise Control

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GoCruise Cruise Control!!!

Now available in Billet Aluminum, and is ADJUSTABLE! Perfect for grips that need just a bit more tension than you get out of the composite GoCruise!

If you have been to some of our recent rides, you may have seen me just cruising along, relaxing, and even spreading my arms out like i'm flying (not recommended, please be safe when using this product)... There is no feeling in the world like just bring able to cruise along without touching the throttle, and really feeling like you're floating down the road! 

This is all made possible by this simple little contraption that clips to your handlebar, and makes it VERY easy and SAFE to have cruise control on your bike! Need it to come off? just turn your grip down to throttle down, and the GoCruise will just rotate on the grip, and let you ride the bike... want cruise? just flip it down with your index finger while riding to whatever throttle position you want, and it'll stay there! Its AWESOME! 

Check out this video from the guys who made this thing:

No more long distance hand fatigue, and a MUCH more enjoyable ride! 

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