Makoa Scooters GY6 into Ruckus Plug-n-Play Harness (NO CORE NEEDED!)

Makoa Scooters GY6 into Ruckus Plug-n-Play Harness (NO CORE NEEDED!)

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Part Number:MKO_1_0100
  • Hand Built using a BRAND NEW Honda Wiring Harness!
  • Made for use with 11 Pole Stator, for ULTIMATE power!

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Optional Parts
11 Pole Stator Kit - Includes Stator and Rectifier [+$50.00]
Relay set (2 Black Accessory Relays, and Small Blue Starter Relay) [+$25.00]
Mikuni DF-44 Vacuum Fuel Pump [+$25.00]
Billet Aluminum Fuel Pump Mount for Mikuni DF-44 [+$25.00]
Build Time Notice
Yes, i understand that this harness is BUILT TO ORDER for me, and will have a 2-week lead time before it ships.
Makoa Scooters Handbuilt Wiring Harness for GY6 into Honda Ruckus!

This harness starts out as a BRAND NEW factory Honda Ruckus wiring harness, and Makoa Scooters modifies it to run your GY6 swap engine flawlessly! Everything fits just like factory! No over-length wires, no 'birds nest' in your Battery Box!

This harness is hand-built, and is made to use the 11 pole Stator setup, which will give you ample power for accessories and things like HID kits! 

Other items required for installation (All Available as Options)
- 11 Pole Stator (Click Here for a picture of the Stator that will 'Plug-n-Play' with this harness) 
- 11 Pole Flywheel (Click Here for a picture of the Flywheel that will 'Plug-n-Play' with this harness)
- 11 Pole Rectifier (Click Here for a pic of the Rectifier that will 'Plug-n-Play' with this harness) 
- Blue Starter Relay from your factory harness
- Vacuum Fuel Pump, such as the Mikuni DF44 Pump (OEM ECU and Fuel Pump are not used!)

Because these are HAND BUILT for you by Makoa, there is a 1-2 week lead time on the harness!

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