Ruckus WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery (150 CCA)
Ruckus WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery (150 CCA)

Ruckus WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery (150 CCA)

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Introducing the WPS FEATHERWEIGHT Lithium Battery!

Unlike many other batteries in this market, this battery can be discharged without damage, which is really important with these carb'd engines that are tough to start sometimes... you don't want you battery to not be able to take a charge anymore just because you ran it low trying to start your bike in the cold or something, do you? 

This battery features:

  • Lithium Ion Polymer Technology
  • All components are designed, manufactured, assembled, and packed in one location, assuring high quality and consistency
  • Extremely lightweight, 50-70% lighter than the standard battery
  • Built-in LED test gauge!
  • Increased cranking amps over lead acid batteries
  • Fast recharge... can be brought back up to 90% charge within 6 minutes
  • Wasily 6-12 times more cycle life compared to lead acid batteries
  • Long shelf life... up to 1 year before requiring recharging
  • Can be mounted in ANY position
  • No hazardous acid or heavy metals... non-explosive and non-combustible
  • More precise fitments compared to other brands of lithium batteries - No need for using some cheesy foam padding to keep your battery in place!
  • 1-Year warranty

***Sorry, this item cannot be shipped to Alaska/Hawaii or Internationally***

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