TrailTech Cylinder Head Temp Sensor
***Item is all BLACK in color, NOT Silver as shown!

TrailTech Cylinder Head Temp Sensor

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This is THE best way to keep an eye on your new build! Exhaust Gas Temp and Air/Fuel Ratios will tell you how your engine is running, but when engines are new, they can also run VERY HOT! The best way to watch this is to use a Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor, and make sure that the temps don't get too hot!

With this sensor, you can see the engine temp, and if it gets too hot, back off the throttle and cruise a bit and let the engine come back to temp... this is VERY important on a air-cooled engine! 

Don't risk your Big Bore Kit (BBK)! Keep an eye on it with this CHT Sensor! 

  • Measures current and maximum temperature (re-settable)
  • Peel-n-Stick or Bolt-on for easy permanent or temporary installation
  • Internal Battery - NO WIRING! Just install sensor under the Spark Plug!
  • Reduce the chances of melting/seizing a piston on a fresh build!
  • Another great source of info for tuning!
  • Fits 10mm Spark Plug on most small engines!

***Item is all BLACK in color, NOT Silver as shown!

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